March 20, 2018

The NY State Indie Film Festival is geared toward small unit and small budget productions. We want to provide a showcase for exceptionally entertaining films produced by filmmakers relying on a good story and a strong sense of creativity, and not large budgets. Our goal is to create a destination that showcases the very best of the best films that would otherwise fly under the radar because of a lack of star power, big budget, or industry-filmmaker connections.

This year we will screen short films, documentaries and animation. No matter the subject, if the work has merit and the filming is well done we are interested in viewing it. We are looking for all genres of narratives from comedy to drama and from thrillers to love stories.

Your film will be viewed by our local audiences and will be judged by a jury of film professionals and a community of cinephiles.

Rules & Terms

Be part of the NY State Indie Film Festival, submit your work or be a part of the festivities!